Meet new poeple, Earn more money. Two resolutions. One App!


DelOr is your new community delivery app.

DelOr is delivered by you and your friends, making the entire process a whole lot convenient and friendly. Any item can be requested on DelOr - food, grocery or even laundry.

When you need something, just
ASK on the app and a friend will pick it up for you.

When you are out running personal errands, start a RUN help a friend by delivering his stuff en-route.


It’s the app that rewards you for helping others – and rewards them for helping you.

An Illustration
If Sam is going to Malakar at 5 pm, he will enter that in the App. Following this others can make requests to him for delivering items from Malakar. He will get some extra cash for his run and you will get your product delivered!

Have a doubt? check out our FAQ page HERE

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